Spa Marvel Water Treatment & Conditioner 

(Spa Marvel) is an environmentally-friendly, enzyme based spa-water treatment product that can reduce and eliminate the need for many of the chemicals used in traditional spa water treatment.

Chemical Reference Guide-Chemicals available at Durango Spas Company

These are all suggestions for chemical use.  Some tubs may require more or less chemicals depending on the tub and minerals in water.


*It is recommended to drain and re-fill the tub at a minimum of once per year

**Anytime ANYTHING is added to the tub, run jets on high with cover flipped open for at least 10 minutes.

***If this is a new spa delivered from Durango Spas Company, the initial cleanse has been done

****Swim Spas, double all dosages


Spa Marvel Conditioner (Dark Blue Bottle)

  • On first fill up-1/2 bottle, the other ½ in one week (this primes the tub for Spa Marvel)

  • Thereafter, one full bottle every 90 days

    • Shake well before pouring in the tub

    • Wait until water is above 80 degrees


Di-Chlor Multi-Purpose Shock (White Bottle w/Blue Circle)

  • On first fill-up-1 heaping TBSP

  • Thereafter-one heaping TBSP, weekly


Non-Chlorine Balanced Shock Oxidizer (White Bottle w/Blue Cap)

  • On first fill-up-1 heaping TBSP

  • Thereafter-1 heaping TBSP, as needed in between the weekly multipurpose shock treatment


Bright and Clear Clarifier (Blue Liquid in Bottle w/Blue Cap)

  • On first fill-up-2 oz.

  • Thereafter-2 oz., as needed anytime to super clarify for crystal clear water


Test Strips (Grey Tube with Flip Off Cap), Spa Up and Spa Down

  • On first fill-up-swirl 1 test strip in water for 5 seconds, then compare to chart on side of tube.

    • You are only looking for the Alkaline and Calcium Hardness (not chlorine)

    • If high, use Spa Down-If low, use Spa Up (Alkaline and Ph will both adjust with these products)

    • If calcium is low (unlikely), we have Calcium Hardness Increaser available.  If calcium is high, we have Spa Marvel X10 Hose Filters available.


Spa Marvel Cleanser (Green Bottle)

  • If a pre-owned spa or using Spa Marvel for the 1st time, with spa full of water, remove filters (ensure there is no large debris floating in spa)

  • Dump entire bottle in tub and run jets on high CONTINUALLY for at least 4-24 hours (you may need to keep restarting the jets when they time out).

  • Thoroughly clean and rinse filter and let dry

  • Drain spa

  • Clean/wipe down spa with rags saturated in a 50/50 mixture of distilled with vinegar and warm water

  • Fill spa and begin with first step on this sheet

  • This is recommended to do annually



A Spa Marvel Weekly Maintenance Program is available for all your chemical needs.

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